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Apparently it’s nearly impossible for expats living in the Netherlands to get mortgages to buy Dutch property?  Well, actually, the headlines are not entirely true! What is correct is that most of the mortgage providers have been forced to tighten their procedures since the crisis. But the fact of the matter is, there are still mortgage providers out there looking to do business with trustworthy clients.

As  experts in expat mortgages and Dutchmen, we all know that the Dutch property landscape is one of the strangest in the world. Most Dutchmen have a strong desire to own their own home. About 60% of the people posses their own home. Then there is the fiscal phenomenon 'hypotheekrenteaftrek' (Tax deductable interest).

The mortgage rate operated by the bank depends on:

- The period for which the interest rate is fixed. In this time, how longer the time the rate is fixed the higher the interest rate is. It's also to choose for a mortgage without a fixed rate.

- The ratio between the value under foreclosure and the amount of the mortgage loan. The interest margin required by the bank to cover the risk increases in keeping with the percentage of that ratio.

During the crisis certain parts of the country are stagnating in terms of pricing, other areas have seen prices fall. There is still a shortage of housing in most of the large cities such as Amsterdam or The Hague. For some people it’s about securing a future place to live whilst prices are stable, for others it’s a good investment or it’s about buying property in a nation where they understand the process and know that a property owner’s rights are strongly upheld by law.

Whatever reasons you may have for considering the purchase of a house in the Netherlands, the good news is that there are mortgage providers willing to offer expats mortgages. The bad news is that many providers don’t even advertise the fact! More good news : we can assist you by obtaining a mortgage.

If you're interested in our services, we charge you fixed fees for our services. Our first meeting is always free of charge an can take place at your home, also in the evening hours. We work indepent and nationwide and have offices in Amsterdam and Zevenbergen. Our real estate agents can assist you by buying property in the Netherlands. You can request for a meeting by sharing your details below, or you may reach us at 0031-168-327702 or send an email to info@sliminondernemen.nl.

During our first meeting we will ask you to inform us about the following information :

  • Contact information
  • Basic details about the property requiring finance including your required mortgage amount and amount of deposit
  • A copy of your passport and a utility bill for your main residence
  • Bank statements of the last three months of the bankaccount where your salary is paid
  • The most recent 3 months' pay checks, alternatively, an employer’s confirmation of income (werkgeversverklaring) or copies of your accounts from a verifiable accountancy firm if you’re self-employed

As you can imagine, each application is then assessed on its personal merit, and those who lend to expats are aware that it’s not always straightforward to provide seemingly the most basic of information.
Don’t be put off, there is finance available, and the Dutch property market can make a safe bet when approached in a cautious and calculating manner.

Our service

  • We will find you the most appropriate mortgage provider in the market for your mortgage requirements.
  • We will present a proposal in a concise and appropriate format to maximise its approval possibilities.
  • To use our negotiation skills with the mortgage provider to ensure you receive the best terms available.
  • Tax deduction applications.
  • LTV (Loan To Value) 104% or in special cases LTV 106%.
  • We provide you all the necessary assistance to purchase, including Dutch tax matters.
  • Our fee is tax deductable and in most cases VAT-free.
  • Most important: No cure no pay. 

For having an indication of your future mortgage payments please contact us.

Door Boris Boon

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